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Me and my girl will be at NJ-Con Salute to Supernatural in one week.

We’re still looking for a Jared Photo Op. So please, if you know anyone who is willig to sell a Jared Photo, please message us on Tumblr:

Ask-wings-and-winchester  OR

magoro  OR


Or via mail: magoro@ikimasho.de

please, it is very important for my girl.

We’re also members of the NJ group on Facebook but the people who are selling their Jared photo there haven’t answered yet…

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4 days ago | 21
Anonymous whispered: Are you doing any Sabriel soon?

((not the three next weeks.

On Monday, 1st, we will fly to the USA to visit kanarae <3

hehe ;)

Stay tuned ))

5 days ago | 1
Anonymous whispered: Selfie of you two OOC?

(( just visit the url lydiine ♥ ))

1 week ago | 1
Anonymous whispered: How long does it take you to get ready to do gifs?

(( almost an hour for everyone (so together nearly two hours). Sometimes less and sometimes more than this. ))

1 week ago | 3

(( We’re confused…we updated the askblog but we lost 10 (!!!) Followers…;_;” That makes us terrible sad…We know that weren’t so many questions we answered, but you have to know I’m (dean) sick and yup…We didnt want to cancel the update again, cause you would have been sad…and now we lost 10 Followers…. ;_;’ …))

1 week ago | 2

We’re not a couple…
- Dean

- Castiel

1 week ago | 59

He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself….

1 week ago | 29

I don’t understand…
What should Dean think about a ship?

1 week ago | 25
Anonymous whispered: (HOW WAS I UNDER THE BUS ABOUT YOU DOING GENDERBEND?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY HOW???? It was fantabulous)

(( Thank you =3<3))

1 week ago | 2
Anonymous whispered: I miss you guys! Come back soon!

((We are back <3))

1 week ago | 2
Anonymous whispered: You make a perfect Gabriel!

((Thank you <3))

1 week ago | 4

….Uhm…What do you mean?

1 week ago | 20

It wouldn’t come to that…Nobody touches my hair.

((Thank you <3<3))

1 week ago | 12


Wow that pic is old shit. But I don’t care.
Magoro and I do have our 5th anniversary today. This is pretty long for me and I’m just glad to have her on my side. ♥ I love you, baby

1 week ago | via | | 36
Anonymous whispered: You guys are gorgeous both in and out of character. You're my favourite cosplayers and your youtube videos (especially the chiki one) make me smile when I'm down:) I can't wait for your asks to start again on Friday! :)

((naawww the chiki video….yes, I also love that one. It is so cute…My girl is so adorable T//T We’re looking forward to it, too! Excited to come back <3<3 Thank you <3<3))

1 week ago | 6